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Cucumber-Cooler Ice Cubes

Updated: Sep 19

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The straining is a critical-control-point - doing it right is what makes these cubes look smooth and gem-like.

Not peeling the cucumber is also key for getting that glowing green color

You can make these with the most basic blender and the most basic ice-cube trays, but you do need a fine strainer or a nut-milk bag for these cubes to be smooth and look like they do above.

Have I mentioned the straining part yet? When these cubes melt in your drink of choice... if you want it "debris-free", make sure you take the time to strain - don't push the liquid through the strainer, let it happen and fewer small solids will come along for the ride.


Ice Cube Tray(s) - If you want some cool silicone trays like the picture above, here are some great options on Amazon Large Square Cubes, Skull Shaped Ice Cubes, Rose Shaped Ice Cubes


Fine Strainer / Nut Milk Bag


Cucumber - 1.5 Cups

Water - 10 Cups

Sweetener of choice - 1-3 Tablespoons *just depends how sweet you want*


Rough cut the cucumber, chop it, break it with your hands... the choice is yours

Add all ingredients to the blender

Blend and strain

Skim the foam off of the top

Pour into ice-cube molds

You got it from here - Have Fun

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