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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe, Step-By-Step
Teriyaki Bowl

Yields 2 large portions or 3 small portions

Phase two adds a more technical aspect to this recipe. If you don’t want to deal with it, no big deal just leave it out altogether and you will still get an excellent final product.

There‘s an Ingredient list at the very bottom for easy copy-paste

Use the picture I posted with this recipe as a reference for cut-size and amount of char. I was about 5 seconds away from taking the pan off the heat when I snapped it.


(These will make your bowls come out restaurant-style)

The size of the ingredients are critical, this has a huge impact. This is how you stay away from the soggy, mushy bleh that can happen with a home-made stir fry.

High heat + movement = KEY. You have the heat high enough that it will burn your ingredients if you don’t keep them moving. Let the pan sit still, stir, repeat.

Either no oil for phase one, or very very little. This will give you the hibachi effect. That street-food char is a product of direct contact with a hot pan. This is so much a part of the overall taste you are looking for.

In order to execute this properly, and to eat these bowls while they are hot and in their prime, you’ll need to prep everything first and have it sitting there waiting for you so you can add an ingredient the instant it’s called for.

Let’s do this.


(all portions are measured after being cut - do not press down into measuring cup)

PHASE ONE ITEMS (keep together)

Make RICE while prepping or have microwaveable pouches that are ready for the nuke. Just don’t deal with it during the COOKING phase

Carrots (1/3 Cup) - Cut into 1-2 inch “sticks” that are as close to 1/8 inch thick as you can possible get them

Onions - (1/3 Cup) - Cut into 1-2 inch “sticks” that are as close to 1/8 inch thick as you can possible get them

Broccoli (1/3 cup) - 1/8 inch slices with stems included

Mushrooms (white or cremini) (1/3 cup) - 1/8 inch slices with stems included

Protein - chicken, shrimp, tofu, steak, tempeh, whatever (3/4 cup) - 2 inch long and about 1/2 inch thick pieces

PHASE TWO ITEMS (this phase is optional)

*you can put them altogether in a little bowl, no need to keep separate*

Ginger (1 Tablespoon) - Fine or small dice

Garlic (2 Teaspoons) - Fine or small dice

Shallot (2 Teaspoon) - Fine or or small dice

Lemongrass (1 teaspoon) - Fine or small dice

Thai hot peppers or other hot pepper - your call how much and how big


Spring onions (1 Tablespoon per bowl) - cut em however you like em

Cilantro - however much you like, cut or not cut

Lime - optional and however much you like

Teriyaki Sauce (Your favorite kind) - Warmed



Coconut or Sesame oil



Heat Rice and a Teriyaki sauce and keep warm. Or, put them both in the microwave, set for 1 min and be ready to push the button.

If you do this right it will get a little smokey so turn the fan on, open the whatcha gatta do.

Have med-large bowl ready to put PHASE ONE ingredients into after cooking

Put your biggest and best high-heat pan or wok on High and let it get very very hot. When you start seeing a little smoke coming off the pan you know you’re ready...A little, not fire department.


Add protein to pan

Let sit for 5 seconds, stir, sit 5 seconds, stir, repeat until you get a little char on the outside and it’s about %75 done.

Add rest of PHASE ONE ingredients.

Let sit 5-10 seconds, stir, 5-10 seconds, stir, repeat until protein is done and the rest of the ingredients are no longer raw and have some pan marks on them.

Remove pan from heat

Turn heat down to low-med

Lightly salt everything in the pan and stir, TASTE, add more salt if you want

Remove all ingredients from pan and wipe out pan or quick-rinse.

If you are not doing phase two, skip ahead to FINISH

PHASE TWO COOKING (This is when you start telling your guest(s) to sit down. It always takes time so start now.)

Put pan on low-med, let pan temp get to low-med

Add 1 tablespoon oil and wait 5 seconds

Add all PHASE TWO ingredients and stir around in the oil so they all get fair-play.

Cook 20 seconds / till no longer raw but still fresh

Add all PHASE ONE ingredients back into pan and coat them with PHASE TWO ingredients.

Turn heat off and leave pan there


Either plate your rice or hit the start button on the microwave then plate when done.

Plate ingredients from pan, on top of rice

Add warm Teriyaki sauce

Garnish with your choice of toppings



Protein (3/4 cup) chicken, shrimp, steak, tofu, tempeh, whatever

Carrot (1/3 cup)

Onion (1/3 cup) - white, yellow or red

Mushroom (1/3 cup)

Broccoli (1/3 cup)

Teriyaki Sauce


Coconut or Sesame oil


Spring Onion




Garlic (2 or 3 cloves)

Ginger (1-2 inches)

Shallot (1 piece)

Lemongrass (a couple stalks)

Hot peppers (your choice)

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