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Easy Peasy Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon Cooler
Colin Barclay Food Styling and Recipe Development

4 Servings

Serving Size 8oz.


Sweet with a little sour and full of flavor from start to finish. Great mixer for Rum or Vodka


Watermelon – Seedless or De-seeded (2 Cups)

Lemon – 3 tablespoons

Agave or Cane sugar - 1.5 Tablespoons

Pink Salt - Small Pinch

Water 5 Cups


Put watermelon, lemon juice, water, salt and sweetener into blender and liquefy. Pour liquid through nut-milk bag or strainer and let it settle for 5 minutes Skim the top


To get the crisp, clean, cold-water texture go slow when you pour through the bag or strainer and do not force it. Once strained, let it settle for 5 minutes and then "skim the scum" / remove the foamy residue off of the top just like you would with broth or stock to get rid of debris.

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